As The Years Sail By


My college roommate, Guy. Some rare friends pay you a visit and you pick up where you left off after all those years, all those miles, all those gains and losses, and so much, as they say, water under the bridge; each a witness and player in the separate arc of the other's life, spanning from the youth of adulthood to here and now, smiling as the years sail by ~



This Time with Feeling

It was, for a moment, amazing. 20. In love. In Europe.  So young in the ruins of history the traditions of life, with no thoughts of tomorrow which now, 40 years later is today. New friends ask, how long??? No way. It's true what they say . . .  like the blink of an eye. I blink now, as you sleep downstairs,  if only for perspective. Two children grown and soaring, a houseboat, two cats, a night heron who greets us at the gate . . .  last night I said I loved you and meant it as I always do and you returned those words,  that feeling and I felt it, holding hands as we still do on this short walk, in this tiny capsule of time that is ours, this long moment we share together, so amazing.