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- Things I've Seen Float By

- Best Dock Find

- Writing on The Dock of the Bay - story, poem, reflection, riff

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- Denizens of The Dock

- Felines of SoFo

- Canines of SoFo

- Passing Through

About Me:

I began writing as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala as a form of self-defense. The goat herder's shack where I lived had been built out of green planks by an American Baha'i. When the wood dried, huge gaps appeared in the walls. Poetry became my wallpaper and my insulation. Over the years I've often wondered whether writing has gotten me into more jams than it has gotten me out of.

Like me, that story remains a work in progress.

I live on a floating home with my wife and two cats in the San Francisco Bay Area. We moved from a farmhouse on 2 acres with an apple orchard, raccoons, foxes, and hawks to a home on a barge afloat in a narrow body of water we call the Nature Channel with seals, gulls, and grebes, and stunningly pre-historic looking blue herons who mesmerize me and stop our cats in their tracks.

What's the difference between a houseboat and a floating home? Floating homes don't have a source of power or a way to navigate. That doesn't stop us from moving however, even as we're tied to the pier ~

Welcome to This Day Afloat.

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