Galilee Soaring

We went to Maritime days at Galilee, a sweet little harbor with some funky houseboats and lots of color and art. You have to be a maritime worker or artist to live there. It's co-op style, with a shared garden and small greenhouses that remind me of Sebastopol. We listened to music on their 'green' and perused the yard sale stuff. Festive and fun and fun of life Last year I saw an old spear gun and wished I'd bought it. Looked for it this year, but that  treasure was already discovered! We went aboard one boat, a former ferry, very small but sweet, where a family with young kids lived. i imagine Galilee is probably like the way it used to be on all the docks before the big dough and the big dough people moved in ~ We drank beer, ate fish n chips, and had a slice of homemade pie. Who needs a spear gun anyway. Who am I, Lloyd Bridges?? More like Flipper, actually ~