Farmer's Market Poet

At the small Friday Farmer's Market in nearby Mill Valley, a Greek woman sells produce from her family's farm in San Juan Bautista. I admire the Hearts of Romaine and she explains how she and her husband try to avoid bread and make their sandwiches with romaine, instead. Their 11 yr. old son has decided he wants to eat his sandwiches that way, as well. And now his friends at school eat their's that way, too . And I think, what wonderful parents and teachers. So natural. No insistence. The light falls on those who rise. Others notice, or don't. I look at the bin of summer squash, delicious looking and sweet. One is half yellow/half green. 'Ah,' she says, 'that one was kissed by a zucchini!'  She's a poet. I mention this. She says, 'I never write anything down.'    And I think, not all poets are writers, & not all poems are written down.