Subject: emails to myself

Writing On The Dock Of The Bay


On our first night afloat, I discovered that my shiny new Air Mac had no word processing program. How was I supposed to write? It occurred to me that I could just email myself.  How funny, how strange, how totally me. Email myself? Turns out, it’s perfect. I like the spontaneity of email-­‐ the flow, rhythm, and freedom - that riffy feeling of letting it fly, then hitting Send. Emails are best kept short.  I like the containment, the structure, the limitations, even. Like moving from a farmhouse on acreage to a houseboat the size of a granny unit - with no garage or workshop or outbuildings. In thinking outside the box, my own little MacGuyver moment led me to  discover how much I enjoy  thinking - and writing - inside the box. Especially one  that floats on the bay.